About Me

Dr. Stanimir Kuyumdzhiev

Born in 1951 in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria and still living in this beautiful town.

During his teenage years, he stumbles upon a Michelangelo biography and decides that he will also start sculpturing.

By the end of his high school years he tried wood and stone plastic art. Fate has something else in store for him - he graduates Medical University in Sofia where he learns to sculpture teeth from different materials - metal, ceramist, plastic. Despite that, he keeps on trying different forms of art (painting, woodcut) and wins various prizes in amateur exhibitions.

In 1978 he graduates from Medical Academy in Sofia, while serving as an apprentice of Petar Kushlev - a famous wood-carver, and later on became an apprentice of one of the best coppersmiths - Alexander Raev. He learns the skills of metal plastic art and jewellery business in Tbilisi under the patronage of Georgian artists like prof. Manaba Magomedova, Koba Guruli and Iraklii Ochiuari.

His motto is "eye to see, hand to touch" and his curiousity leads him through furriery, jewellery of silver, horns, bones, mother-of-pearl and semi-precious stones.


Lately, he's been working mostly with brozne-stone plastic art and he has buyers appeciating his art from all over the world, including Finland, France, Sweden, Germany, England, Italy, Australia, Greece, Russia and, of course, Bulgaria.

He has taken part in two National sculpture exhibitions - Shipka 6, Sofia and almost all regional expositions of the Assossiation of the artists in Pazardzhik.

Words of the author:

"For me, art is a game for growing boys and girls, who try to involve everybody around them in that fun, for a change".