Articles about me

Articles about me

  • Newspaper "September flag - 25.12.1984, author Krasi Grozdanova-" Doverie "

  • Newspaper "Videlina"-16.02.1992, author Elisavet Gangov-"Dr. Koyumdjiev"

  • "Dentist 21" magazine, Issue 2/2002, p. 36-"We present you Dr. Stanimir Koyumdjiev, dentist and sculpture"

  • "Parallels" Magazine No. 28/2002, author Jannina Dragostinova-"If the dentists were Impressionists"

  • Newspaper "Vienna Today", issue. 8 08.2013-Sashka Jurkoff-"Presentation of Dr. Koyumdjiev-dentist-painter"

  • "Denta medica" newspaper/09.2015 G. Karayaneva-"Life between two passions"

  • Newspaper "Dental World" PC 4/06.2014-Come to think "-Auto interview

  • Newspaper "24 Hours" PC. 292/30.10.2016, author Lubo Ilkov - Read More

  • Newspaper "24 hours" PC. 136/2016-"dentist-sculpture pour chanove on the tooth technology"

  • Newspaper "passed years" PC. 6/06.02.2017-dentist le is tu, and dentures

  • On-Line TV-2017-TV-Interview

  • Telekabel-Pazardjik Television-04.10.2018 G - Read More